What is a Certified Water Technologist?

cwt-logoAs the City of New York has focused more attention on the important health and safety issues around cooling towers, large commercial properties are taking a second look at contamination that affects the performance of water-cooled systems. It’s crucial to minimize organic contaminants, since these can cause serious health hazards.

Responding to these and other concerns, facilities teams are recruiting Certified Water Technologists into their ranks. If you haven’t heard of this credential, don’t worry – there’s still time to get involved. It’s sure to grow in importance over the next few years!

What Is a Certified Water Technologist?

The Certified Water Technologist (CWT) credential is administered by the Association of Water Technologies, the leading professional association in the fast-growing world of water treatment. The AWT trains, supports, and empowers personnel from more than 500 member companies.

As advanced water treatment pros, CWTs have achieved the following distinctions:

  • Passed a comprehensive 200-question certification exam with a 60% or better score;
  • Undergone a rigorous application process including heavy scrutiny by industry peers;
  • Documented five years or more of ongoing professional water treatment experience;
  • Committed to follow a 13-part Declaration of Ethics requiring truly excellent conduct.

Why Choose Certified Water Technologists?

Water treatment technology is advancing quickly – and large commercial properties now need to apply it in more versatile and comprehensive ways. Certified Water Technologists provide teams with timely expertise on everything related to water treatment. This is especially essential for properties that must comply with strict cooling tower regulations.

Applying a CWT’s diligence and insight to water treatment problems benefits everyone:

  • It helps reduce the cost and time investment for effective water treatment programs;
  • It empowers the team to more easily meet new and changing regulatory requirements;
  • It reduces the likelihood of health concerns for everyone who uses a given building;
  • It helps give both building owners and commercial tenants improved peace of mind.

If you would like to get your cooling tower inspected by a Certified Water Technologist, contact us.

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