How Cooling Tower Maintenance and Inspection Creates Cost Savings for Data Centers

cooling tower maintenance data centerData centers use a lot of energy. By some estimates, data centers are responsible for more than 2 percent of all U.S. electrical usage. With this massive amount of energy comes a massive amount of heat.

Servers exposed to too much heat begin to slow down or malfunction altogether. Data centers are mission-critical operations, and there’s no room for downtime. Cooling towers often play a major role in data center cooling solutions.

How are Data Centers Connected to Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers are a common part of server room cooling, situated at the end of the heat removal process. Although not all data centers use cooling towers, many do.

One popular method of data center cooling is a water-cooled computer room air conditioning (CRAC) configuration, and is a great example of how cooling towers can drive efficiency and cost savings.

In a water-cooled system, all air conditioning units can be located inside the data center, which has been proven to be the most effective data center cooling solution. Also, especially in leased-IT environments, a building’s existing condenser water can be used, which is far cheaper than using chiller water.

Depending on your needs, a single cooling tower can be used for multiple water-cooled systems, creating further cost savings and efficiency in server room cooling.

Creating Data Center Cost Savings with Cooling Tower Maintenance and Inspection

While cooling towers are a great source of cost savings for data center operations, cooling towers are, by nature, susceptible to bacterial growth.

Without proper maintenance and inspection, as mandated by the city and state of New York, your cooling tower will be vulnerable to unscheduled downtime, which means your data center could face downtime.

To avoid this, and fully realize the cost saving potential of cooling tower data center solutions, it’s best to hire an independent third party to perform regular cooling tower inspections.

Existing water treatment companies may be biased during inspections, since it’s their own work that they’re grading.  An experienced, certified third party specialist can detect problems with regular maintenance work, as well as alert you to additional steps to be taken to avoid a cooling tower, and ultimately, a data center shutdown.

To find cost savings in data center cooling, continue reading about the importance of unbiased cooling tower inspections.

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