What Happens When Your Cooling Tower Isn’t Maintained Properly?

cooling tower isn't maintainedProper maintenance and inspection of cooling towers in New York City is critical for the health and safety of building occupants, as well as the health of your bottom line. There are serious consequences for not ensuring regular cooling tower maintenance and inspection in the City of New York.

A neglected cooling tower can lead to big fines and Legionnaire’s disease. Your business depends on your cooling towers. So what happens when your cooling tower isn’t maintained properly?

Cooling Tower Violations

New York City, along with the State of New York, have implemented some of the strictest cooling tower regulations in the country in response to a severe outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in 2015.

Currently, if you’re found in violation of any of these regulations, you will receive a Violation Deficiency Report (VDR). This report outlines in what ways you have not met the city or state cooling tower standards, how you have to fix these problems, and how long you have to fix them.

If you’ve received one of these notices, it is a serious sign that your cooling tower isn’t maintained and needs a proper maintenance and inspection plan in place.

Legionella Growth

Since the Legionnaire’s outbreak, building owners have had to stay in strict compliance with all regulations regarding cooling towers. Cooling towers were found to be the source of the outbreak, and have proved to be an ideal home for legionella if they aren’t maintained properly.

Legionella grows in stagnant or slow-moving water. It lives in a biofilm, which is a complex structure with several layers, making it difficult to get rid of. If your cooling tower has legionella growth, one disinfection process may not be enough to kill all the bacteria.

Proper maintenance and inspection of cooling towers is the only way to prevent legionella growth, and the only way to remain in compliance with NYC’s strict regulations. It’s critical to the health and safety of building occupants, and it’s a boost to your bottom line.

If you are found in violation of these regulations and have received an Inspection Summary Report (ISR) or a VDR, or need to implement a proper cooling tower maintenance plan, contact NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services. Our certified, licensed experts can help you achieve cooling tower compliance.

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