Cooling Tower Cleaning NYC

nyc cooling tower cleaningIn compliance with Title 24, Chapter 8, your cooling tower in NYC must be cleaned whenever routine monitoring and inspections indicate a need for cleaning, but no less than twice a year. It is required to specify both cleaning protocol and personnel safety protective measures. To facilitate cooling tower cleaning, water contact areas such as the basin, sump, fill, spray nozzles and fittings, drift eliminators, and/or intake louvres must be properly accessed or removed.

Decontamination Process of Your Cooling Tower Water System

To avoid the spread of contaminants and disease, the NY State certified commercial pesticides applicator professional who decontaminates your system will follow a very strict and highly regulated procedure. To begin the process, chemical treatments will be stopped and all fans will be turned off, except for the water treatment pump. A low-foaming, chlorine-compatible bio film dispersant or a non-oxidizer will then be added and allowed to circulate for a minimum of 2 hours.

After the 2 hours, your certified professional will then add a sodium hypochlorite solution (12.5% active ingredient) in order to achieve a free chlorine residual of 10 ppm, checking to ensure proper free chlorine residual and pH levels remain within range.

After the 2- hour chlorine contact time, the centrifugal pump will be turned off and the system will be dechlorinated to a safe level and then your entire cooling tower water system (all piping and the tower basin) will be drained. While your cooling tower is draining, the internals of your cooling tower (i.e., basin strainers, walls, fill, basin) will be power washed and thoroughly cleaned, including removing all mist eliminators/distribution deck panels, nozzles and orifices to clean away debris.

cooling tower cleaning nyc

During cooling tower cleaning NYC’s processes, your system is inspected and any needed repairs are noted.

Once the cleaning is completed, your system is refilled and re-dosed to 5 ppm as free chlorine. After this second chlorine dose, your water treatment program will be restarted and your mechanical contractors or building staff, also present that day, will then ensure that the cooling tower water system is turned on properly.

NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services is your most qualified, unbiased option for compliance inspections, custom development of a maintenance program and plan, and annual certification.

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WARNING: It is ill-advised to allow a water treatment vendor to inspect their own chemical program. To reduce risk and liability, you are best served by independent, unbiased testing from certified water treatment experts. Your ideal option is to have your Legionella concerns managed by an experienced Certified Water Technologist.