NYC Legionella Growth Hasn’t Slowed: Cooling Tower Audits Protect Your Business

New York City faces an abnormally high incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease – one of the highest rates in the country. After the city’s worst outbreak in history in 2015, New York City cooling tower regulations called Local Law 77 (LL77) were implemented to significantly reduce Legionella outbreaks.

Unfortunately, this has not happened. By October 1st, 2017, 330 cases of Legionnaires’ Disease had been reported by the CDC in NYC. In 2016, there was less than half that number – 160 cases – by October.

While cooling towers are not solely responsible for every case of Legionnaires’ Disease, they have been identified as the source for several outbreaks in 2017. The need for cooling tower audits has never been more urgent. Building owners need to protect their businesses from the steep costs and liability of non-compliance.

How Do Cooling Tower Audits Protect Your Business?

A cooling tower audit protects your business from the heavy financial burden of failed inspections and non-compliance. In truth, even fully compliant cooling towers fail inspections regularly due to messy or improper documentation of procedures.

There are plenty of ways to fail an inspection, even if your cooling tower is legionella-free. Regardless of how an inspection is failed, it will still come with huge fines and a very tight window of time to remedy the issues.

Of course, a cooling tower audit can reveal legionella growth, which is a worst-case scenario for any building owner. Not only is legionella a public health hazard, it’s expensive to get rid of and extremely damaging to your business if people start to get sick from your cooling tower (think about how many times your business would be dragged around the news cycle).

It’s best to be proactive when it comes to cooling tower compliance and legionella prevention, because those who are reactive and slow pay dearly for it.

Your business is at risk and outbreaks are still occurring. Cooling tower audits protect your business from the financial burden of non-compliance.

Learn more about cooling tower audits and how NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services is the foremost expert on legionella growth in cooling towers.

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